Graphic Design Services

At Lyntouch we offer offer a wide range of Graphic Design Service such as branding, corporate identity, logo design, website design, packaging design, marketing materials, and more. We pay careful attention to every aspect of a design, ensuring that it is well-crafted and polished, as well as take the time to understand the client’s needs and goals and will be able to create designs that align with client’s goals.

Web Design

When it comes to web design we usually offer service of creating the visual appearance of the website including the layout, color scheme, typography, and imagery. This may involve creating wireframes and mockups of the website, and working with the client to refine and iterate on the design until it is finalized. Our team will then create the necessary design files, such as Photoshop or Illustrator files and deliver them to the customer.

Researchers at Carleton University conducted an experiment, which showed that a mere 50 milliseconds are required for a visitor to decide on how appealing a website is. Our main aim is to produce a unique and modern design that it is crucial to make a webpage interesting to a public audience. The first impression of a website has a great impact on a Bounce Rate, which represents the percentage of visitors who enter your site and then leave (“Bounce”), rather than continuing on to view other pages. Good Web design will drive and attract quality visitors to your website.

Responsive Web Design is a particularly important aspect of web design, which aims to provide optimal viewing, and interactions experience on Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets. Lyntouch will design your website in such a way that it can be reached from various platforms and provide accessibility to the widest audience possible.

Branding Services

Our branding service encompasses many different aspects of a company’s visual identity, including its logo, colors, typography, and overall aesthetic.
We usually conduct research to understand customer’s target audience, competitors, and industry. From there, we develop a brand strategy, which outlines the goals, values, and messaging of the brand. This strategy can then be used to create a cohesive visual identity that is applied to the company’s marketing materials, website, and other communications. The exact elements that are included in a branding project will vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the client.

Having a good design will mean that a well-designed product will appeal in its best light to your customers and consumers. It will have financial benefits as it will improve your advertising and increase sales from a profitability standpoint.

Here are some services that may be included in Branding design services that we can provide to you:

  • Initial consultation to understand the company’s goals, target audience, and competitors
  • Development of a brand strategy and positioning
  • Creation of a logo and visual identity, including color palette, typography, and imagery
  • Creation of a comprehensive branding guide, outlining the use of the visual identity across various applications
  • Design and production of marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, and signage
  • Design and development of a website, including homepage and additional pages
  • Social media integration

Give us a call today for additional information and quotation on the services that we provide and we will be happy to assist you.